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    What is a Website Maintenance Plan?

    Websites are purposeful and result-oriented. Websites are delicate and built using beautiful code with lot of dependency across many files and folders in distributed servers. Websites when not maintained appropriately, they may not prove be to be advantageous as they desired to be.
    Though website maintenance is one of the strategic activities, many businesses are not prepared or cannot afford to delegate resources and professionals in keeping their websites up-to-date. Every business should put together a website maintenance plan to provide latest information to their clients.

    Why Website Maintenance Plan?

    The complexity of website maintenance is increasing day by day due to the advancement in technology, introduction of new functionality, security threats, outdated code and lot of other factors. Let’s take a look at common website maintenance requirements and challenges with the website maintenance.

    Brand Impression

    User Experience

    SEO Google Ranking

    Offer latest Information

    Business Enquiries

    Interact & Engage

    Broken Hyperlinks

    Fix Website Error

    Update latest Content

    Mobile Responsive

    Potential New Talent

    Brand Recall

    Protected Website

    Copyrighted Content

    24x7 Monitoring

    Website Backups

    Keep Customer informed

    Latest Design Trends

    Website Forms

    What is covered under Website Maintenance Contract?

    W3Squad offers solution to one of the practical, common and routine web maintenance needs of E-commerce sites, corporate websites, institutional websites, manufacturing companies websites, blogs etc.
    Web Design
    Content Change
    Appearance Change
    Bug Fixing
    Layout Changes
    Plugin Installations
    Uploading Content
    Create & Modify Pages
    Fixing inquiry Forms
    DB Backups
    Fixing 404 Pages
    Website Performance 
    Latest News & Events
    Website Images
    Website Banners
    Website Navigation

    Advantages of website maintenance contract

    As one of the Website Maintenance Companies in Chennai, Tamilnadu, W3Squad offers an easy and robust website maintenance framework to its clients from various company sizes and industry segments.
    • 24/7 Efficiently functioning Website
    • High availability of Website
    • Always with the latest content
    • Protection against Security threats
    • Fast loading in all web, mobile devices
    • Good SEO rankings on Search Engines
    • Tension free Website Governance
    • Cost-effective website maintenance
    • Scale Website functionality on-the-go
    • Website Governance Policy
    • Timely website maintenance checks
    • Availability of latest website backup
    • Achieving Maximum ROI from Website
    • 24/7 Customer Technology Support
    • Proven Maintenance Checklists

    Our Website Technology Expertise 

    You may have a unique choice of Website Technology stacks to build your website, e-commerce website or web applications. Managing them with multi-technology skillsets is a big responsibility. W3Squad has tremendous expertise in managing website AMC, ecommerce AMC and web application AMC.

    Custom Coded Websites

    HTML / CSS
    PHP / MySQL
    ASP / MS SQL

    CMS Frameworks


    Web Applications

    PHP / MySQL
    ASP / MS SQL

    E-Commerce Websites


    Industry Specific Website Expertise

    We understand your business is uniquely positioned to differentiate from competition and attain sustainable growth. W3Squad understands industry-specific nuances for your website and accordingly support for maximum results from your website investments.

    Educational Institutions 

    School Website
    College Website
    University Website

    Travel & Hospitality

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    Hospital Website
    Pharma Website
    Homecare Website


    Realtor Website
    Architects Websites
    Construction Website


    Startup Website
    Corporate Website
    Product Website


    Religious Organisations
    Social Organizations

    Why W3Squad?  

    Hear from our Clients

    At least once in 2 years, our website would get hacked by virus or intrusive attacks. Thanks to W3Squad, now our website is clean, crisp, fast and fully secure.  When a customer notifies you that your website is down, it is indeed embarrassing. With a comprehensive website AMC, we are pre-emptively preventing downtime.

    Website AMC Clients

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