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Data is the new oil as they quote. Your business generates volume of data from online, offline data sources via various touch points across all your sales and marketing channels. What if your business is able to decode data signals from your interactions with customers and use it to your advantage? W3Squad has solid understanding of different niche businesses and has the expertise in establishing data driven decision making culture.

How can Analytics Services help your Business?

Analytics help your business take informed decisions for profit maximisation and cost reduction. Beyond that each of your line of business (LOB) can significantly improve coordination, productivity to boost profitability across an organisation. With respect to digital analytics, you may be always seeking better answers for the below questions. W3Squad Analytics Consulting Services can support you with that.
1. How do I reduce cart abandonment rates?
2. Which specific customer segments respond well to my campaigns?
3. Do I have all the data points in real-time needed for optimising campaigns?
4. How do I analyse audience behaviour on my website and mobile apps?
5. What cross-selling opportunities I have for my loyal customers?
6. Which referral sources give me most value for my advertisements?

How can Analytics Services help your Business?

To thrive in a borderless economy, businesses adopts multiple sales and marketing channels for better reach, visibility, customer interaction, revenue and profit margins. Every interaction across these customer touchpoints generates valuable data that need to be thoroughly studied for patterns, peaks, accuracy, continuity and validity. W3Squad specializes in the practice of digital analytics (Web Analytics and Mobile Analytics).

Analytics Strategy & Consulting

Digital Analytics Audit

Measurement Strategy

KPI Definitions & Benchmarks

Analytics Tool Selection

Data Layer Architecture

Tag Management Implementation

Testing and Optimisation

Analytics Implementation

Data Visualisation & BI

Analytics Training & Support

Analytics Reporting Services

Analytics for Business Functions

Like any technology service, Online Advertising yields maximum results when implemented by experienced PPC partner who have certified PPC advertising specialists. At W3Squad, our dedicated client servicing account executive will systematically work with your business and maximize online lead generation.

Web Traffic Analytics

Mobile App Analytics

Ad Campaign Tracking

Audience Segmentation

Content Analytics

Attribution Modeling

Conversion Tracking

Sentiment Analysis

Digital ROI

Multi-device Tracking

Social Media Analytics

Behaviour Tracking

Data Visualization

Cart Abandonment

Funnel Analytics


Lifetime Value Tracking

Video Tracking

Our Analytics Reporting Expertise

Let's establish a data-driven culture!



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